Our People

Person who constantly strive to realize creativity, challenge, harmony, and globalization


Talented person who can develop comprehensive entertainment business through creative thinking and constant self-innovation


Person who prioritize organizational teamwork and company over individuals and seek harmony among organizations


Competent person who possess the ability to develop into a global entertainment company through self-development


Capable person who are willing to change and challenge him/herself to create a new entertainment culture

Human Resources

  • Flexible Working Hour

    Choose between
    8, 9, or 10 a.m. to work

  • Internal Recruitment Referral System

    Refer excellent talented person to work together Referral incentive will be given to referrers

  • Incentives

    Incentivize excess earnings when company goals are met

  • Horizontal Corporate Culture

    Work in a horizontal environment with a 'sir' culture through respect

  • Dress Flexibility

    Employees are free to wear whatever they want at work

Welfare System

  • Shuttle bus to work

    7 routes of shuttle buses to work, making it easy to get to work

  • Welfare Points

    Support for monthly personal development expenses

  • Telecommunication Expenses

    Support for monthly cell phone expenses

  • Direct Loan System

    Operates a direct loan support system to support housing stability

  • Interest Assistance Program

    Interest Assistance Program for Residential Stability

  • Free Capsule Coffee

    8 flavors of capsule coffee are always available

  • Insurance

    Group accident insurance for employees

  • Health Checkup

    Support for employee health checkups once a year

  • Psychological Counseling Services

    Operating an EAP with a professional psychologist

  • Massage Machine & Hammock

    Massage Machine & hammocks available in break areas

  • Blood Pressure Monitor

    Blood pressure monitors are always available

  • Clean Day

    1 hour early finishing on the 4th Friday of every month

  • Family Event

    Support for Family Event day, flowers for Family Event (Wedding/Funeral, etc), and Family Event grants

  • Company Foundation Day

    All employees will be off on April 4 (Company Foundation day)

  • Birthdays

    Birthday mobile coupon, half-day on birthday week

Recruitment Process

  • 01

    Screening Process

    Review the qualifications needed for the position

  • 02

    Job Interview

    Evaluation of knowledge level,
    performance experience
    and ability in the field of application

  • 03

    Personality Interview

    Evaluation of personality,
    disorder, attitude,
    etc. and negotiation
    of salary

  • 04


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