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Ragnarok M,
Retain The Original Spirit through 3D Mobile Game

Retaining the spirit of Ragnarok Online,
reimagined in 3D and optimized for mobile devices,
Ragnarok M has steadily grown in the Korean and global markets.

An adventure notebook that records even the
smallest episodes and a diverse community system full of fun

Community systems like emoji chat and a
unique guild system allow players to connect with each other.

Success in 122 Countires around the world,
including China, Southeast Asia, and Europe

We're proud of the game's success in China and Indonesia,
rank 1 in both markets after launch,
rank 2 in the Apple App Store, rank 4 in Google Play.
It remained at the top for months and exceeded
2.7 million downloads in Thailand, the Philippines,
and Indonesia within 6 days of launch.

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