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We promise to provide unconditional support for those who have passion for the business.

Gravity is carrying out various cultural content business based on Online game, publishing business, and IPTV business.

And now we are trying to start on mobile game business with our game business knowhow. We are starting the mobile business with the great knowledge and understanding that we have. Business inquiries : [email protected]


CEO Message

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GRAVITY is Gravity Co., Ltd. is a globally known online game company that was founded on
April of 2000, during infancy of Korean gaming industry.
As a leader in the Industry,
Gravity became the only domestic game company listed on NASDAQ directly.

Gravity has developed MMORPG Ragnarok Online that has been serviced in
domestic and worldwide market acquiring a wide range of player.
Gravity also provides IPTV service game using Pororo character and various genre of mobile titles.

Furthermore, Gravity is continuing to grow its business reach as a global publishing business by expanding
its service with Ragnarok Online IP related games as well as other games of various genre and platform.

CEO Message After establishing Gravity in April 2000, we developed and released a well-known game called Ragnarok Online in 91 different countries. Gravity is doing its best to provide epic entertainment throughout the world with its publishing business. Gravity is becoming a global company in the online game business by strengthening its development, technology, and exploring potential overseas markets.

In February 2005, GRAVITY was the first Korean game company to be listed on the NASDAQ. GRAVITY has established global branches and joint ventures in the US, Europe, and Russia as the main markets. Through our branches, we have introduced the excellence of online Korean games through our close partnerships. GRAVITY is not only successful in the online game business, but is also successful in the mobile game business by developing various mobile games such as Tower of Accession, Ragnarok Ash Vacuum, etc.

GRAVITY will continue to develop both online and mobile games with talented and creative individuals with global experiences. Also, GRAVITY will run aggressive marketing and promotions for games from our subsidiary companies and will continue investing and managing our overseas services with our global network.

We pledge to become a global company that users can be proud of by extending our sincere gratitude to our players for their unwavering love and support. We will also put our best effort to build a company with culture that can help prepare the current and future flow of the market. With our dynamic and creative atmosphere, Gravity has a vision to become the leader in creativity and change.

We will do our best to ensure that we continue to stay at the forefront of the Online Entertainment industry to further enhance our presence in the global market.

Thank you. Hyun Chul Park CEO of GRAVITY CO., Ltd