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We promise to provide unconditional support for those who have passion for the business.

Gravity is carrying out various cultural content business based on Online game, publishing business, and IPTV business.

And now we are trying to start on mobile game business with our game business knowhow. We are starting the mobile business with the great knowledge and understanding that we have. Business inquiries : [email protected]


OSMU (One Source Multi Use) Business

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GRAVITY`s brand business includes its publications, music, merchandising, animation, global licensing and console platforms. By expanding its brand name and obtaining the added value of high quality global contents developed through various OSMU (One Source Multi Use) businesses, GRAVITY is expanding the realm of its brand business in the domestic markets as well as in the international markets.


  • Global Licensing Business : Develop global licensing business associated with production of global contents
  • Convergence Business : Cooperate and collaborate in joint projects established between major foreign entertainment companies
  • Merchandising Business : Commercialize game items in 62 foreign nations
  • New Brand Business : Develop new brand business models to discover high quality domestic and international contents
  • Music Business : Develop OST, Music Source Service and Concert Businesses
  • Platform Business : NDS, PSP and PS3 Businesses
  • Animation Business : Global Animation Production, Development and Distribution