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We promise to provide unconditional support for those who have passion for the business.

Gravity is carrying out various cultural content business based on Online game, publishing business, and IPTV business.

And now we are trying to start on mobile game business with our game business knowhow. We are starting the mobile business with the great knowledge and understanding that we have. Business inquiries : [email protected]


Business Field

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GRAVITY follows One Source Multi Use strategy, which enables to expand business area from animation and character merchandising and to mobile based on online games, publishing and IPTV business, to implement a wide variety of entertainment contents.

  • Online Game Development Business

    Online Game Development Business GRAVITY successfully developed the world’s renowned MMORPG title, Ragnarok Online, which appeals to the widest range of gaming groups in the world. Gravity is now focused on developing and servicing competitive games with various genres and unique features such as Ragnarok Online Ⅱ, Requiem Online and Pucca Racing.

  • Game Publishing Business

    Game Publishing Business GRAVITY is implementing a wide variety of One Source Multi Use strategy which is based on high quality global contents and character related with Gravity games that seeks to expand the current business into publishing, music, merchandising, animation, Also we expand our business to worldwide.

  • Mobile Game Busine

    Mobile Game Business GRAVITY is in the process of developing new mobile technologies by first producing mobile games based on Ragnarok Online. Gravity currently offers RPG, shooting, puzzle, and sports genres in its mobile game collection. In addition, Gravity is pursuing various game platforms through active development and distribution of PC Title Package games.

  • Multi Platform Business

    Multi Platform Business GRAVITY have been developing online games and mobile games, and is currently in the progress of developing Ragnarok DS, PSP, XBOX 360 Live PSN to pursue various game platforms

  • OSMU Business

    OSMU Business In addition to developing the Company’s own unique game titles, GRAVITY invests continually to improve the quality of the game industry.

  • IPTV Business

    IPTV Business GRAVITY is developing new business model and growth momentum with development of network game based on IPTV, imbedded game based on STB and new game service based on open platform. All they are gotten through the accumulated know-how with developing PC inline game and service.